Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Mid-term Election Work Starts Today

If you are like me, today was like a bad hangover after a rough night. Fifty-two percent of all the voters in this country drank the kool-aid yesterday and I am the one with the headache! The Orator, the smooth talking lawyer with the shady connections, won the popular vote and ran away with the electoral college, leaving me to wonder just what has happened to the country I thought I knew so well.

Last night, I sat in my chair, eyes glued to the television, flipping between Fox News and the Communist News Network, also known as CNN, following exit polls from the earliest reports, listening to the talking heads expounding on results, still hovering around the one percent range, all trying to make it look good for their guy. It was brutal, and frustrating to watch. As the results began to flow in, and it started to look like it would be a bad night for conservatives, I sat there, wondering what went wrong, where we went wrong. By the time that John McCain gave his concession speech, I had it all figured out.

Today, the pundits were taking their crack at explaining it on talk radio, t.v. and the internet, but I didn't even tune in. I already know what happened, why it happened, what needs to be done next, and where it needs to start. One thing for certain here, and that is that it doesn't start with the next presidential candidate announcing his, or her, run for the White House. It starts here at home, in our communities, and it has to start right now.

First off, we need to keep the momentum going. We have worked hard the past several months to get our people involved and engaged in the election. Many of us have worked to support our causes, and some of them, though not many, were successful. If we relax now, take time off, we lose the ground we have gained, and we lose the people who are less motivated, but got involved anyway, whether due to a ballot initiative, or a particular candidate. We need these people with us, beside us, to work toward our success in the next election and we will have to drag them back into activity, later, if we don't keep them engaged now.

Second, we need to start a new grassroots movement for the next round of elections, starting with finding the people who best reflect our positions, and convincing them that they need to run for office. We need to rally around them, help them build a platform, and start raising the money that it will take to get them elected. In some cases, we will already have a viable candidate, one that didn't have success this last time, or maybe another, from a previous election. Regardless, we need to find the best person for a position and give them the support they need to get them into the race.

Third, we need to get everyone we know to become familiar with our candidates, to recognize their name, and understand what they represent. This takes commitment and dedication, the kind of effort that we usually reserve for our favorite activities. It takes sacrifice. We must be willing to set aside time to work for, and with, our candidates. This involvement is as important to our Country's future as spending time with our children is to their future, and we need to treat it with the same kind of reverence that we do our families. We are working for a better world for our children, and our grandchildren.

Fourth, and this is a big one, we must be vigilant. Never let a day go by where you are not actively engaged in furthering our cause. Never mind that a lot people you come in contact with would rather not hear your point of view. The world is full of individuals who don't want to chose sides, or get involved, and it is our responsibility to teach them why they must. It is we, who must reach out to those of similar points of view, but with different affiliations, be they ethnic, religious or social, and we must forge a bond based upon our shared conservative foundation, so we can stand together against the forces that would destroy that which we hold dear.

We don't need to be overly aggressive, or rude, or condescending, like the Left, but we must be persistent. Two years is a long time, in some respects, but it is also right around the corner. When I think of all the damage that can be done to our Constitution, to our way of life over the next two years, I feel like we haven't a moment to lose. We can prevent a lot of damage if we can turn the tide in Congress prior to the next Presidential elections.

Like many of you, I hope that Sarah Palin will not retreat to her home State of Alaska never to be heard from again. I hope that she will recognize the good that has come from her having been thrust into the spotlight, that she will feel, as I do, that God has a plan for our country and that she is to play a big part in that plan. Please remember folks, it won't do much good to have Sarah Palin in the White House if she is stuck with the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their cronies in the House and in the Senate.

Let's keep this thing going, let's stay mobilized and invite our like-minded friends and neighbors to join us. Lets get those good and decent people we know to understand what is happening to our Country, that big government and handouts are not what the Founding Fathers envisioned for our Nation. That hard work, and honesty, and diligence are the foundation for a better life. Only in this way, can we turn back the liberals and prevent them from polluting our children, and our society, with their ideology and their destructive, immoral propaganda.

That's reality from my backyard.