Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who needs sophistication?

So, the liberals keep slamming Sarah Palin. They have dug up every little thing on Sarah that they could find. I assure you that, compared to the stuff that has been raised about Senator Obama, this stuff is microscopic! Nonetheless, the media is all over Governor Palin, keeps trying to make it look like she is a rookie, unsophisticated in the ways of national politics, even uneducated. Well, they are wrong. Sarah is a small town girl. She is not a byproduct of beltway politics and, if that is what makes one 'sophisticated', then I guess you could say that she is not.

Sophistication is really all it's cracked up to be these days anyway. The way the liberals are defining it, I can only say that I am glad that Governor Palin isn't sophisticated, by their standards. I see her as being sophisticated, but I am sure that my definition of that is far different that the liberal democrats and their elitist cronies.

I guess that what they are trying to tell us is that their guys, Senators Obama and Biden are sophisticated, and that is what makes them better than her. Hmmmm, let's examine that for a minute. Both of these guys are lawyers, is that what makes them sophisticated? Both of them are United States Senators, is that what makes them sophisticated? Both of them come from impoverished backgrounds but have risen to wealth. Is that what makes them sophisticated?

Last time I looked, most of what is wrong with this country can be traced back to lawyers who have turned this country into the most litigious nation in the world. Well not all lawyers are bad though, right? So lets look at what kind of law they practiced. Let's see, Joe Biden practiced corporate law. Hey, isn't that the group who the Obama campaign says is corrupt? They don't pay their fair share of taxes, they don't provide adequate health care to their employees, the top guys get rich while everyone else gets worse off? Hmmm. Ok, well Senator Obama practiced civil rights law. A noble enough cause, I guess, depending on your point of view. If you look up the definition of civil rights, you find that this isn't just some 'equality of race' term, it includes things that are anathema to the Democrats and their liberal cohorts. Things like individual freedom of belief, speech, press/media, and political participation. Now hold on, you say, the Dems are for all that stuff! Well, sort of, I guess, if you don't look at how they fight their opposition on most issues. Yes, they tout those things as being their beliefs, but in practice, they only actually believe in these things for their own purposes, not for everyone, and certainly not for those who would oppose them.

Let's move on. As Senators, well really only Joe Biden can truly be called an actual Senator, because Obama didn't really spend any time in that position, time, that is, when he wasn't distracted by his run for the White House. But, I digress. Both are liberal democrats, and both fought against pretty much everything President Bush wanted. In fact, in their sophistication, they have ridiculed John McCain for voting with the President of our Country so often, as if that were a bad thing to do. As Senators, both supported the lessening of loan restrictions, and were rewarded by fannie mae and freddy mac for their devotion. Both fought the President and the conservatives on this issue, and bragged about it during their campaign. But when everything turned bad in the financial markets, they quickly blame the bush Administration when, it was their party which had the control of both houses of congress.............hmmm.

Darn, I sound like I'm picking on these two, poor, public servants, doesn't it? Oh, speaking of poor, both of these guys grew up dirt poor, even lived with relatives from time to time because their families were struggling so badly. But they overcame it didn't they? Their families rose above it all and became 'middle-classed'. They both found the money for college and, oh yeah, law school, in a time when the government didn't do a whole heck of a lot for people that wanted to get an education. I cannot take the time to discuss how Senator Obama financed his education in this post, perhaps another time. From that dreadful background these two have risen to wealth and now they, seemingly, want to discredit themselves and their families, by declaring economic war on those who make too much money, while both of them live well above the financial limit that Obama has set as a benchmark for the 'wealthy' who need to pay more taxes.

Listen to Obama talk with 'Joe the plumber', he says it right there on camera. "I make much more than that". Well, doesn't that make them part of the problem? They are slamming big oil (and their huge 5% profit margin) like they are stealing from the poor, but they both support a version of NAFTA, which puts working class folks here in our country out of their jobs.

I'll take Sarah Palin over either one of these sophisticated hypocrites any day.

Watch this video. It is a bit long, but, oh so worth it.


If that doesn't help people understand the democratic party, and where their policies will take our country, they must have their heads jambed too deep in the sand to recognize truth when they see it.

That's reality from my backyard.


  1. Hey! Great article! I'm also really sick of the way Sarah Palin is being dogged, but it's to be expected with all the mud slinging. What I really am proud of is that there is so little that can be found on her, so they have to blow the littlest thing so out of proportion in order to get any attention on it. Pitiful, just pitiful!
    And the video clip was something! It said it, and it said it loud and clear for all people to hear. There is no racism, no bias; he just spits out the facts. Thanks for including it!

  2. Wonderful post, Torben. Eloquent, well-written and oh so right on the money! You rock!


  3. Check out what I added at the end of my blog today.